Monday, August 31, 2009

BPM Console 1.1.2 released

BPM Conosle 1.1.2 carries minor enhancements, probably the most notable change is the switch from HTTP Basic Auth to form based authentication and session management (BPMC-12). Here's the complete changelog:

Release Notes - BPM Console - Version BPM Console 1.1

  • [BPMC-7] - url is wrong in the resources page for jbpm profile
  • [BPMC-1] - Make tasks the default editor
  • [BPMC-2] - Move settings to the bottom
  • [BPMC-3] - Split rendering directives and process variables in form processor
  • [BPMC-5] - Tomcat Lite doesn't pickup profile changes
  • [BPMC-9] - Form processing requires access to principal doing the call
  • [BPMC-10] - Pick JAAS domain for server module from build profile
  • [BPMC-8] - Set the correct log for RESTEasy in JBoss As.
  • [BPMC-12] - Switch to form based authentication and session management
  • [BPMC-13] - Remove TX demarcation inPluginMgr

Monday, August 24, 2009

BPM Console screencasts

Several new screencast have popped up recently that show the BPM console in Action.

- Joram shows how to customize the reporting.
- Kris did an excellent overview of the console as a whole, including task forms.