Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JBoss AS7: Web Console 1.0.Final released

After several month of work, we are very happy to announce the first final release of the JBoss AS 7 web management interface. It ships with AS 7.1 and covers the following management use cases:

Subsystem Management

About 80% of the subsystems are currently manageable through the console:
  • configadmin
  • datasources
  • deployment-scanner
  • ee
  • ejb3
  • jacorb
  • jca
  • jmx
  • jpa
  • logging
  • messaging
  • naming
  • osgi
  • resource-adapters
  • sar
  • security
  • threads
  • transactions
  • web
  • webservices

In the next few weeks we are going to provide the remaining ones: infinispan, mail, groups and mod cluster.

General Use Cases

Besides the subsystem configuration, the current web management interfaces allow you to carry out the following operations:

- Full Domain Management (server groups, server configurations and hosts)
- Manage Deployments (both across domains and standalone servers)
- Configure socket bindings, network interfaces, JVM parameters and system properties

Runtime Status

Version 1.0 also provides you with the ability to quickly check the system health:

- JVM Status (heap, threads, etc)
- Transaction Manager (i.e. commit/rollback ratios)
- Datasource usage (pools sizes, etc)
- Web statistics (i.e. request/error count)
- JMS metrics (topic/queue sizes, etc)
- Persistence Units (cache usage, queries, etc)

Improved Look&Feel

We've put a lot of effort into the overall look&feel and tried to come up with a design that's suitable for the job without getting in your way when you use it on day to day basis:


Thanks to all the people that did help make it happen. Some people deserve special mentioning for their continuous support and contributions.

- Stan Silvert
- David Bosschaert
- Pavel Slegr
- Jan Martiska
- James Cobb

What's coming next?

We'll keep improving and extending the web management interface. There are plenty of goodies on the roadmap:

- Additional subsystems (infinispan, mail, jgroups, modcluster)
- Management operation plans (store, load & execute complex management tasks)
- Simplified clustering configuration
- Additional metrics and statistics

Tell us what you think

If things don't work as expected or you think certain functionality is missing, please drop us a note. Your feedback is important to us. The AS7 mailing list would be a good starting point:

Stay tuned, Heiko.