Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JBoss AS7: Web Console 1.0.Final released

After several month of work, we are very happy to announce the first final release of the JBoss AS 7 web management interface. It ships with AS 7.1 and covers the following management use cases:

Subsystem Management

About 80% of the subsystems are currently manageable through the console:
  • configadmin
  • datasources
  • deployment-scanner
  • ee
  • ejb3
  • jacorb
  • jca
  • jmx
  • jpa
  • logging
  • messaging
  • naming
  • osgi
  • resource-adapters
  • sar
  • security
  • threads
  • transactions
  • web
  • webservices

In the next few weeks we are going to provide the remaining ones: infinispan, mail, groups and mod cluster.

General Use Cases

Besides the subsystem configuration, the current web management interfaces allow you to carry out the following operations:

- Full Domain Management (server groups, server configurations and hosts)
- Manage Deployments (both across domains and standalone servers)
- Configure socket bindings, network interfaces, JVM parameters and system properties

Runtime Status

Version 1.0 also provides you with the ability to quickly check the system health:

- JVM Status (heap, threads, etc)
- Transaction Manager (i.e. commit/rollback ratios)
- Datasource usage (pools sizes, etc)
- Web statistics (i.e. request/error count)
- JMS metrics (topic/queue sizes, etc)
- Persistence Units (cache usage, queries, etc)

Improved Look&Feel

We've put a lot of effort into the overall look&feel and tried to come up with a design that's suitable for the job without getting in your way when you use it on day to day basis:


Thanks to all the people that did help make it happen. Some people deserve special mentioning for their continuous support and contributions.

- Stan Silvert
- David Bosschaert
- Pavel Slegr
- Jan Martiska
- James Cobb

What's coming next?

We'll keep improving and extending the web management interface. There are plenty of goodies on the roadmap:

- Additional subsystems (infinispan, mail, jgroups, modcluster)
- Management operation plans (store, load & execute complex management tasks)
- Simplified clustering configuration
- Additional metrics and statistics

Tell us what you think

If things don't work as expected or you think certain functionality is missing, please drop us a note. Your feedback is important to us. The AS7 mailing list would be a good starting point:

Stay tuned, Heiko.


Francis said...


I am using JBoss application server 7.1, when i am trying to add content ( jar file), it is not getting added in the admin console.

1. Open jboss console
2. Under Deployments tab, click Manage deployments
3. Click Add content button
4. Then browse the jar file and click Next button
5. then a popup comes "your request is being processed" then after sometime, this popup goes off
and nothing happens.

We have tried in may machines here, it is the same issue for all

I have tried in all the browsers by accessing console.

Please help me


HBraun said...

Francis, make sure to check the server logs for errors and create an issue here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7