Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talking at JUG Zurich @ 2.3.2010

I'll be talking about GWT and project Errai in particular at the Java User Group Zurich at the 2.3.2010:

Patterns and Best Practices for building large GWT applications

In this presentation weʼll see how to organize a nontrivial GWT application. Weʼll go through the lessons learned in a real world project and take a look the complete development lifecycle and best practices that go beyond what GWT has to offer out-of-the- box. This talk does focus on modularity of GWT applications and how to overcome the burdens of compile-time linking. Weʼll talk about client side patterns and server side implementation options and explore different approaches that allow for quick turn around times without sacrificing maintainability.

As part of this talk we'll look at project Errai (http://jboss.org/errai) and
see how it can help to achieve these tasks.

In case you are around, make sure to show up.