Wednesday, March 30, 2011

JBoss 7 Web Console: 1.0.0.Beta3

Beta3 is the version that will be shipped with JBoss 7.0.0.Beta2 end of this week.

1.0.0.Beta3 Release Notes

Functional scope

Most of the work in this release has been done on the framework level, creating re-usable components that are needed to implement the remaining management use cases:
  • Form databinding & validation
  • Integration with the domain controller
  • General UI framework (MVP)
Functionally this release does focus on the outermost domain management use cases, that act as POC for the building blocks listed above.
  • Start/Stop server instances
  • Create server groups and server configurations
  • Configure server groups and configurations
The standalone server Web UI doesn't contain any reasonable functionality at this point.

The work on management use cases that relate to subsystems has not begun yet. There are merely two examples (Datasource and JMS) that act as a preview and should give you an idea where things are going.

Browser compatibility

This release has been tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer has not been verified yet, but we don't expect it to work properly in releases before IE8.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Tell us what you think about the current way the content is organized within the UI. Identify the top three things that don't make sense to you or that you couldn't find easily in the console. Send these issues to:In case you run into a bug, don't hesitate and file an issue here: (Don't forget to include your OS/Browser description)

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