Thursday, April 14, 2011

Managing JBoss7: Staging Applications

Your colleagues are all stressed out, because the new build of your b2b app needs to be put on a staging server for your external partner to verify the recent API changes. How to get this setup and running without interfering with the existing production system? It's fairly simple. I'll show you ...

Step1: Create a dedicated server group for your staging servers

Step2: Prepare a staging server-configuration

A custom server-group separates our staging environment from the production servers.

... with a specific port offset

You need to remember this, in order to connect to the server instances later on.

Launch a server instance

So we can connect to it.

Deploy your application

In this case a simple web application.

... to the staging server-group

Domain deployments are always associated with server-groups.

Verify it has been deployed successfully

Grab a coffee and relax

Fairly simple, no?

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