Friday, May 6, 2011

Managing JBoss7: Datasource Configurations

We've begun working on datasource configurations within the web management interface. While it still requires some finishing touches, here's how regular and XA datasource configurations look like:


Rick said...

Hi Heiko,

That looks nice. Hey, one idea-- have we considered putting more emphasis on convention and less on configuration? For instance, if we find an Oracle driver, maybe we could 'assume' the user wants OracleDS and OracleDS_XA. (Same with MySQL, etc.)

In that way, just putting a driver in the path would give them datasources, eh?

We could also do the same on the application side-- if we find only one datasource, that's the one they get! Or we could have them just choose the DB type.

Food for thought-- convention over configuration is really a big part of simplicity, and devs like it....

Heiko Braun said...

Thanks for the feedback Rick. I do completely agree. We are currently discussing various options on the mailing list: